Bees swarm in the spring. You may see a clump of bees gathered on a tree limb or in a bush. This is the bees method of expanding their colony. While it looks intense, swarms are generally not aggressive - they are just looking for a new home. Swarms generally just stay in place for a 1-3 days before they move on.  Contact us if you see a swarm and one of our beekeepers will likely come out and collect it. We will happily give those bees their new home. 

Sometimes you may see bees coming and going out of holes in a building structure. That is not a swarm. Removal requires someone who specializes in bee removal (and carpentry). Currently,  none of our members are doing this type of removal.

Also, if you see bees coming and going out of the ground, those are likely yellow jackets and not honey bees. Be careful, yellow jackets  are mean.