A page for beginners

If you interested in keeping bees, contact us by email.

We'll talk you through it!

And attend our annual bee school.

Here are a few things that new beekeepers acquire to get started:

Supplies Needed

2 Hive Bodies (deep) or  one deep & one medium or                 3 Mediums

10 frames per hive body- wedge top/ grooved bottom

foundation for each frame 

Screened Bottom board

Entrance Reducer

Inner cover

Telescoping cover with metal cover

Honey supers (2)

10 frames for honey super- wedge top/grooved bottom

foundation for each frame in supers

A hive stand ( for 13 to 16 inches off the ground)

These items are all needed for one bee colony

Deeps are 9 5/8

Mediums are 6 5/8

These are the items we recommend any or all can be changed to suit what works for you this is what most use and will get you started 





Hive Tool

Jacket/Veil Combo or Full Suit 


Feeder ( this can be made at home)


Beginners Bee School 

A Mentor




Bees need to be ordered as soon as possible (Dec/Jan/Feb) to assure that they are available